New publications available at Good Press, in Glasgow

As always, our friends at Good Press Gallery are stocking our new publications – GOOD GOOD GOOD 3 by Joana Rosa Bragança; BICHOS & BICHAROCOS by Mariana Malhão; and SEVEN STORIES 1, our brand new biannual comics magazine!

New releases – June 2017


The second edition of MONEY WORRIES #1, now more portable and affordable (!), can also be found at Good Press as well as some of our older publications.


Just in: a restock of ‘Money Worries #1’ by Glasgow based João Sobral. First published in 2014, this is João’s funny & astute take on the role money plays in our society. Not many of these around so grab one quick!

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You can visit their artists’ publications paradise from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm, at 5 St. Margaret’s Place, Glasgow. I highly recommend it!

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