Proud to announce Spare Me by Disa Wallander

SPARE ME – running detail

I’m genuinely happy to be publishing some brand new work by Disa Wallander!

I found out about Disa’s work a few years ago through a couple of zines published by Ed Cheverton’s Jazz Dad Books (Slowly Dying 1 and 3) and also through my friend Mariana Pita (who has also been proudly published by O Panda Gordo – see A Day and stay tuned for some news regarding an exciting joint venture with Portuguese publisher Chili Com Carne). I immediately became a big fan of her work but never had many opportunities to get more of her limited edition publications (Slowly Dying 2 or Sparkles, for example) or her books published by Peow! Studio (The Nature of Nature, 2015) and Perfectly Acceptable (Help Yourself, 2016).

Finally this year when I was exhibiting at ELCAF in London, I was able to get a couple of Disa Wallander gems from the Grid Kids table – the amazing self-published zine Don’t Worry Be Crappy and my new favourite t-shirt! Disa were not at the table when I did my shopping though and we didn’t get to meet at that time, but I got in touch with her some days later to let her know how much I admire her work and how much I had enjoyed her new zine.

Two months have passed and now I’m publishing the great Spare Me (16 pages, 17 x 28.5 cm, full colour digital printing, saddle stitched).

Spare Me

Here’s what I wrote to introduce the publication:

Disa Wallander’s work often deals with dark existential anxieties and deep philosophical questions with the same amount of eagerness and cynicism. It feels kind of hopeful and hopeless at the same time, but if it ever seems light hearted or vain, you’re probably somehow missing its characteristic twisted irony.

SPARE ME is an abstract and exploratory reflection on the sweet paradoxes of human existence, especially the relation between the individual and the socially constructed world we live in. What does it take to be able to find joy in the things around us when we know that everything is a construction and that we all share the same impending doom? It won’t give you the answers but you’ll sure enjoy SPARE ME if you read it in the sun.

Spare Me

Spare Me

Disa Wallander will be debuting this zine this weekend at Safari Festival, in London.
Get it from her there or order it online here.

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