ELCAF 2017

O Panda Gordo is headed to London to be exhibiting at ELCAF this weekend!


You can find me at Round Chapel, in Hackney, behind table 4 on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th.

I’m really excited about these two days because I’m releasing some new titles including a new biannual comics magazine titled SEVEN STORIES. The first issue features André da Loba, Amanda Baeza, Paula Puiupo, Ed Cheverton, Joana Estrela, Nathaniel Walpole, and Teresa Ferreiro.


The other two new releases are: the third instalment of the GOOD GOOD GOOD series, this time with Joana Rosa Bragança; and BICHOS & BICHAROCOS by Mariana Malhão.

As usual, I’m also making space at the table for a selection of publications from other artists and publishers, including the new book MUSCLECHOO – SIDE STORY FILE – 001: TRUMP CARD by my dear friend Rudolfo.

Come visit if you’re around, there’ll be loooads of stuff to see…

More about ELCAF at www.elcaf.co.uk

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Grafixx 2016

This is yet another time when I wish I was heading to Antwerp, Belgium, because Grafixx will be happening once again this weekend, from the 25th to the 27th of November. This is its 5th edition and it seems like the organisers are dedicated to make this one even better than last year’s festival.

Unfortunately I won’t be attending, but O Panda Gordo will be proudly represented in the Zine Fest which – beware! – happens in a different venue this time.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Excessive buying is totally justified at Grafixx, because you won’t easily find a treasure trove like our zine fest. For the fifth year in a row, we hunted down the very best in paper and print, and the catch is superb: from monochrome underground zines over luxurious screen printed publications and funny postcards to bold graphic novels. Our selection of international contributions contains interesting stuff for everyone, and smaller book worms will have a delicious picture book paradise all to themselves! A number of independent publishers and collectives are invited to present their newest merchandise in person. Last but not least, the zine fest will be livened up by signing sessions and surprising mini performances!

ATTENTION: The zine fest is moving to a different location close to the festival headquarters DE Studio and is freely accessible. Our signs will point you the way to Elzenveld!

Grafixx 2016 poster


If you look hard enough, you will be able to find these titles from us:

GOOD GOOD GOOD 2, by Jaime Ferraz;
A DAY, by Mariana Pita;
EDPEOD, by Mariana Pita;
I WANT TO ESCAPE BUT NOT TO DISAPPEAR, by Ed Cheverton & João Sobral;
GOOD GOOD GOOD, by João Drumond;


More about Grafixx at www.grafixx.be

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First posts are always a bit awkward… I’m just gonna say I’ll use this blog to give you some news about the activity of O Panda Gordo but also to share some comments on other things that amuse or annoy me. I might review zines and books from other artists and publishers; I might talk about art, non-art, design, non-design, politics, books, food, and office supplies; and I might use this as a way to start planning bigger research projects. I’m not really sure yet. Hope you stay tuned to see out it turns out.

Welcome and see you soon!

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