O Panda Gordo / João Sobral is available to design and produce commissioned printed matter for fellow zinesters, artists, collectives, co-ops, and other social and commercial establishments.

What can be done

Services include but are not limited to Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Printing.

Right now O Panda Gordo can only use an A3 COLOUR INKJET PRINTER and an A4 BLACK LASER PRINTER. More and better technology will become available in the future. But in the meantime that's just enough to deliver you finished zines, small publications, flyers, leaflets, posters, etc. Alternately O Panda Gordo can outsource your printing needs or just design your stuff. So if you have a project that needs some help, just get in touch.

Please note that O Panda Gordo is based in Glasgow, UK.

What has been done

For examples of previous work, have a look at O Panda Gordo’s own catalogue and at João Sobral’s online portfolio at www.joaosobral.pt.


For budgets and enquiries, please send an email to panda[at]opandagordo.com or complete the following form: