O Panda Gordo is an independent publishing project established in 2011 by João Sobral. It started as an impulsive naive activity, motivated by a fascination and not by an intention. It gradually became a more conscious and critical practice and although it hasn’t lost its exploratory nature, it is now admittedly political – not always in its content but invariably in its form.

The attitude behind O Panda Gordo can be summarised into the following ideas: competition cooperation; growth local structures; separation combination of brain work and manual work; professionalism amateurism; overpricing affordability; profit experimentation.

O Panda Gordo is based in Glasgow (Scotland, UK) and its activity is currently divided into four branches:

PublishingO Panda Gordo publishes zines and other objects featuring his own work and the work of fellow artists.

Distro / ShopO Panda Gordo stocks, along with its own publications, a selection of titles, including visual art, writing and music, published by other artists and independent publishers, mostly from Portugal.

ResearchO Panda Gordo produces essays and runs other experiments with the purpose of questioning and rethinking different aspects of self-publishing processes.

Design / PrintingO Panda Gordo designs and produces commissioned printed matter for artists, collectives and other establishments. Services include Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Printing.


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